Kansas Lions Environmental Program


Environmental Program - Why It Is Important

The health of our planet is essential to life. The environment impacts  the quality of our air and water, the availability of food and medicine,  the health and beauty of our local communities, and the future of us  all. Lions and Leos are meeting the environmental challenges at the local  and global level by planting trees, organizing recycling programs,  providing clean drinking water and cleaning up communities to help  preserve our environment for generations to come. We believe that a  healthy planet is fundamental to the well being of all. 

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Annual Environmental Photo Contest

LCI is currently evaluating our international contests, including the  Lions Environmental Photo Contest. In an age in which people are sharing  more images in-the-moment on cell phones, we want to make certain our  contests align with our new mobile media culture. This social approach  to sharing images and content gives more Lions and Leos around the world  an opportunity to participate, start real conversations, and gives us  new ways to highlight our life-changing work with the click of a "share"  button. 

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Environmental Committee Members

Lion Merle Laham (Chair) 

Lion Louise Greenberg (Dist K)

Lion Daniel Martinez (Dist A)

Lion Cindy Scovill (Dist N)