Lions Clubs Tax Form Requirements


Form 990N

Ks Sales Tax Exemption Certificate

Ks Sales Tax Exemption Certificate


About filing

Form 990-N, Electronic Notice (e-Postcard) for Tax-Exempt Organizations Not Required to File Form 990 or Form 990EZ, must be submitted electronically. 

  • The Form 990-N electronic-filing system moved from Urban Institute’s website to in February 2016. All filers must  register at prior to filing their next Form 990-N. This is a  one-time registration; you won’t be asked to register again when filing  next year.
  • Form 990-N must be completed and filed electronically. There is no paper form.
  • Form 990-N filers may choose to file a complete Form 990 or Form 990-EZ instead.
  • Use the Form 990-N Electronic Filing System (e-Postcard) User Guide while registering and filing.
    Most common problems can be avoided by following the User Guide.
  • For filing system and website issues, see How to File: Frequently Asked Questions.  If site issues are unresolved, call TE/GE Customer Accounts Services at  877-829-5500. A representative will file your Form 990-N information.
  • Organizations should continue efforts to file, even if late.

Who must file

Most small tax-exempt organizations whose annual gross receipts are normally $50,000 or less  can satisfy their annual reporting requirement by electronically  submitting Form 990-N if they choose not to file Form 990 or Form 990-EZ  instead.  Exceptions to this requirement include: 

Form 990-N filing due date

Form 990-N is due every year by the 15th day of the 5th month after the close of your tax year. You cannot file the e-Postcard until after your tax year ends. 


Ks Sales Tax Exemption Certificate

Ks Sales Tax Exemption Certificate

Ks Sales Tax Exemption Certificate



You will need to:  

  1. Sign-in or register with the Kansas Department of Revenue Customer Service Center.
  2. Select one of the below exemption certificate types.
  3. Complete and submit an exemption certificate application.

Tax Entity Exemption Certificates:

The department issues numbered exemption certificates to a specified group of entities and organizations exempt from sales tax under     K.S.A. 79-3606. See Exemption Certificate  frequently asked questions for more information.   


Incorporation of Lions Clubs

Ks Sales Tax Exemption Certificate

Incorporation of Lions Clubs

Features of Incorporation 

1. In  most  jurisdictions,  individual  club  members  are  not  liable,  individually  or  severally,  in suits against the club.  Liability is limited to the capital or assets of the club. 

2. Some  states  may  not  allow  an  unincorporated  association of  volunteers  to  hold  title  to property.    Property  ownership  would  require  a  "trustee"  arrangement  where  some  other party  holds  title  for  the  club.    Even  where  unincorporated   associations  may  hold  title,  the legal setup does not serve the members' interest as well as incorporation. 

3. Legal  documents,  such  as  contracts,  etc.,  are  more  easily  handled  under  a  corporate structure. 

4. Tenure of a corporation is perpetual in nature.

5. Lions  Clubs  may  generally  operate  as  well  in  corporate structure  as  in  unincorporated association form. 

6. An  annual  state  non-profit  corporation  return  must  be filed  each  year. The  filing  fee  and the franchise fee vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction in and may be $100 or more. 

7. Individual  liability  protection  under  corporate  structure  may  encourage  action,  which  may lead to failure of the club.  The club may overreach itself in a financial obligation or take on a  fundraising  project  which,  by  its  nature,  requires  more  insurance  coverage  than  is provided  under  the  Association's  liability  policy  for  clubs. The  Association’s  policy provides  $1,000,000  liability  coverage  per  occurrence,  $2,000,000  per  year aggregate (annual limit of liability) per named insured. 

8. Cost  of  incorporation  includes  original  filing  fee.  It may  range  from  $10  to  $250, depending upon respective state law. 

Incorporation Requirements 

1. If your club chooses to incorporate under the not-for -profit laws of your state, it is required that: a) A  statement  appears  in  the  Articles  of  incorporation  that  the  club  is  a  Lions  club chartered  by,  and  subject  to  the  Constitution  and  Bylaws, of  The  International Association of Lions Clubs.   b) The  proposed  Articles  of  Incorporation  be  approved  by  the  Association's  attorney prior to filing with your local governmental authorities. 

2. A suggested form of "Articles of Incorporation" is attached for consideration by your club's attorney. 

Tax Instructions from LCI


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