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    2017 State Band & International Band Info

    ** Audition Music for Concert Band   
    Note:  Dear Lions Band student, click on the link to find the audition music for the 2017 Kansas State Lions Band.  (The Jazz audition music has a separate link.)  Scroll down to find your instrument, then print that page, practice, and bring it with you on the first day of Camp to use in your audition.  Prepare the entire page, although you may be asked to play only a portion of the page in the auditions.  YOU WILL ALSO BE ASKED TO PLAY A Bb CONCERT SCALE TO YOUR HIGHEST NOTE AND THERE MAY BE SIGHTREADING.  Percussion – you do not have to audition.  Please be at the REQUIRED Percussion meeting when you report to Camp (Tuesday, May 30) at 2:00 PM. See you at Camp! Dr. John W. Taylor, Lions Band Musical Director

    ** Jazz Band Audition Music
    Note:  Lions Band students, instructions for jazz auditions:
    Alto and Bari Sax - play E-flat page melody.  Improv is optional.
    Tenor Sax - play B-flat melody.  Improv is optional.
    Trumpets - play B-flat melody.  Improv is optional
    Trombones - play bass clef melody.  Improv is optional.Piano and Guitar - play treble clef melody, & also be able to comp changes.  Improv is optional
    Bass - play written bass part (Doozy) and also walk over changes to F Blues (Tootsie).  Improv is optional over F Blues.
    Drummers - play 16 measures of swing, bossa and funk.
    If there are additional questions regarding music, please email me at hittll@friends.edu.   Lisa Hittle

    * 2017 Kansas Lions State Band Schedule
    Letter from Dr. Taylor  (specific information)
    * General Packing/Requirements List
    Behavior Policies (clothing restrictions)
    * Directions to Friends University & Central Community Church
    ** International Band Schedule & Information

    ** Note for International Band Students **   
    For marching in the International Parade, you will need either solid balck tennis shoes (with black shoelaces), or if your school has Drillmasters or Dinkes, that would be great.  Also bring solid black socks.

    2017 Kansas Lions Band App (Adobe fillable)

2017 Kansas Lions Band App (PDF)


2017 Kansas Lions Band App (MS Word)


2017 Medical Release Forms


2017 Concert Band DVD Order Form

2017 Concert Online DVD Orders

2016 Links for Performance Highlight Clips: 

Clip 1:  Full Band Concert

Clip 2:  Chamber Ensembles


Clip 3:  Jazz Concert

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