Kansas Lions Multiple District 17

Global Service Team

Clubs Are at the Center of the Action

The Global Action Team puts the entire Lions network to work for your club. And teamwork is the key—it brings the entire Global Leadership Team, Global Management Team, and Global Service Team together to support your club. It’s a bottoms-up, whole-club approach that can energize every facet of your club. Help is all around you.

Global Service Team - Commitment to Service

Individual Lions and Leo clubs volunteer to address local humanitarian needs by mobilizing people and resources to deliver hands-on service and improve the overall wellbeing of their communities. With more than 1.4 million members in over 200 countries and geographic regions around the globe, Lions have a shared identity and a shared responsibility to the people of the world through SERVICE.

The Global Service Team (GST) will champion the service framework of LCI and LCIF and empower Lions and Leos around the world to maximize impactful service, action and growth.


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