Kansas Lions Multiple District 17

Global Membership Team


   MD 17 Global Membership Team


 The Global Membership Team (GMT) provides a global structure for membership
development which is continuous, focused, and integrated. Collaborating with the
Global Leadership Team, the GMT works in an interdependent manner with all Lions in
the association for the benefit and success of the club.

Members of the GMT and GLT work together to develop membership through service and
engagement and also to support present Lions leaders and identify future leaders. The two
teams operate as parallel structures and are connected and coordinated at the international
level by an executive council The GMT/GLT executive council is led by the LCI international
president, with the international first and second vice presidents overseeing and providing
guidance to the GMT and GLT respectively. Both the GMT and GLT are further supported
by two international coordinators and a joint operations committee composed of the
chairpersons of the Membership Development Committee, the Leadership Committee and
the District and Club Service Committee, as well as a team of appointed constitutional
area leaders.


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Global Membership Team Tool Box

Membership is critical to our association.  Members join to serve.  They remain Lions because of
the service being conducted, the friendships that have developed and the impact they have
made in people’s lives.  The Global Membership Team (GMT) will support membership
development at the club level by recruiting new members and promoting positive membership
experiences.  At the district level, the GMT will start clubs in new areas to further increase our
service impact.  More members = more hands for service.






























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